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Kingdom Come/Ravers Republic

Generation Lion’s Jouvay 2015 was called ‘KINGDOM COME’ with a special section entitled Ravers Republic. The KINGDOM COME section wore black and gold paint and wore the classic Generation LION masks as shoulder shields. Band members had the option of carrying cocoyea brooms and bois. It was a throwback to the classic Canboulay and dirty/ritual Mas of Jouvay’s beginnings. The Ravers Republic section- a special tertiary student section led by UWI graduates organized by Krioul- featured designer cut and dyed tee shirts with glow bands and offered a special EDM Raver customisation of costumes featuring LED lights and ballet tutus with make-up for women… “This year’s band is about a change that is coming- nationally and internationally. A change for the better. A new wave of truth, justice, and enlightenment. A new Golden Age. It will be led by a generation insulated from the prejudices of the past but led by the best of the living generations and the wisdom of the Ages. That is the Kingdom and Republics of which the band speaks”. 


(if you are interested in the Generation Lion Jouvay experience contact 1-868-797-0949,, or join our 'Generation Lion Jouvay' Facebook page.

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