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Jouvay & Carnival Design

Jouvay is that magical pre-dawn Carnival street parade and ritual which ends at sun-rise and which is typified by mud and body paint, and anarchic dancing and costuming, to wild music. Rubadiri Victor has led a Jouvay band called GENERATION LION JOUVAY since 2003. The band was responsible for returning masking to the Jouvay with the Lion masks that Rubadiri designed. At a time when Rubadiri had abandoned his other artistic practices to concentrate on activism his Jouvay band remained his one tether to the creative process, and he maximised it as an experimental space creating performance art, short films, and photographic series of some note. 


Rubadiri has also designed 2 mas bands- both with SO.BE.IT Mas- 'Aqua 70/30' and 'Sky & Light'. 

Carnival Band Designs

Generation Lion Jouvay


23 costumes for the 2014 carnival band S
27 Return of the Golden Age 2009.JPG


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