CLEANSE comes from a form of filmmaking created by Rubadiri called JOUVAY Filmmaking which takes its principles from the pre-dawn Carnival ritual of Jouvay. The form entails shooting at sunrise or sunset in liminal and sacred locations using natural light, ritual masking and movement, body painting, and folkloric narrative. Rubadiri shoots stills and then pieces the narrative together with text, narration, and music. The narratives are generated from the theme of that year's JOUVAY band which correspond to events happening in the country and the world. CLEANSE was responding to the rampant corruption of Trinidad's political elites, a growing narco-economy, and the spiralling crime that both bred. The narrative involves 4 mysterious Cleansing Spirits that appear at the edge of the coast and then teleport inland to enact a Cleansing Ritual on the Nation. 


His collaborators for this piece were: Kerron Riley photographer, Dave Williams & Deon Baptiste- dancers, and Amanda McIntyre and Edecka Eyeadelrosiyhia- models. Photographic prints available in small, medium, and large on photographic paper, board, or canvas. Call Rubadiri @ 1-868-797-0949 or email

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