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Rubadiri has staged 10 1-man exhibitions in his career- which includes a 17 year break between his 9th and 10th show! His return exhibition entitled 'Build the Temples for the Youths Dem to Enter' was staged in November 2017 at the legendary Holder's Studio at 101 Art Gallery in Newtown, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Most of the 77 pieces completed for the exhibition were begun in 2000- it was conceived as an exhibition of 101 pieces. That exhibition was the first sacrifice of Rubadiri's decision to be a full-time activist. Those 101 paintings laid in his studio for 16 years uncompleted! Staging this exhibition and finishing those paintings- more than anything else- signaled to Rubadiri his return to artistic life...


For inquiries, to organise a studio visit, or order a painting call 1-868-797-0949 or email

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